pacific northwest artist/glassblower/other

hi everyone my name is john and i have an idea for a new website for the pacific northwest the website will profile and sale things made by people living in the pacific n.w. i have a few people now but i would really like to have alot more before the launch one makes hemp jewlery,one who does chainsaw art with redwood,plus a few who do various other crafts. i’m looking for some unique and original things glassblowers,artist,or ??? please let me know what it is you do and if you have a url of your own for your products or if you would be just useing mine. i will be advertising on multiple sites so you will get max. exposure for all products all i ask is that it is a product that is a craft or originally made (no pre-made mlm products) if this sounds like somthing of interest to you please shoot me an email at or on myspace at hope to hear from you soon thanks for your time and have a great day– john


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